Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind Meditation Kit


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This powerful meditation series is designed to work with your unconscious mind, empowering you to release past blocks, negative emotions, restricting beliefs and behaviours so you can begin to consciously recreate your reality the way you really want it to be in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, career and spirituality.
Guiding you through a visualisation that connects you directly with the powerhouse of your unconscious mind and allows you space to see, hear and feel your life the way you REALLY want it to be.

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Michelle is an exceptional life coach with an educated ability to give clear insight and direction. Through a series of questions and tailored techniques, Michelle’s life coaching sessions helped give clear direction and focus in all facets of life.

The entire process was life changing and I would recommend Michelle’s life coaching to anyone looking to take charge of their life’s direction.

Melissa Gardner – www.melukadesign.com.au

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