Reprogram Spirituality Meditation


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This powerful audio will bring deep healing to your spiritual and self connection. The guided visualisation will allow you to release unconscious restrictions so you will feel free to be your true self and begin creating a deeper spiritual connection than ever before.
Guiding you through a visualisation that connects you directly with the powerhouse of your unconscious mind and allows you time and space to see, hear, feel and create what you truly want in your life.

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Michelle totally focus on me during our coaching sessions, without judgements, you nurtured me during times where I needed to released blockages that had stop me from moving forward in life. You have inspired me to take actions that can only move me forward to creating the life of my dreams. During the 3 months I have accomplished so so much! We even transformed our whole house which I can only dream of 7 years prior. I’m even playing with my kids and their friends running through the school yards and playing hide and seek…I get to go on nature’s walk and training Wing Chun with hubby- I have always wanted us to do something together! I have located my treasures that I have misplaced 3 years prior! I get to hang out with the people I love and care about, attracting beautiful friendships where we inspired each other to the things we love. I love and always look forward to our coaching session…thank you from the bottom of my heart, it’s has been a real privilege to be coached by you Mich!!!

Jen Truong

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