Reprogram Career Meditation


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This powerful audio will bring deep healing to the area of your career. The guided visualisation will allow you to release unconscious programs and obstacles while enhancing your ability to positively project into your reality a career filled with joy, passion and abundance.
Guiding you through a visualisation that connects you directly with the powerhouse of your unconscious mind and allows you time and space to see, hear, feel and create what you truly want in your life.

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Michelle is an absolutely phenomenal coach and I highly recommend her services if you want to make some lasting changes in your life!

The powerful effects from her coaching sessions can’t be underestimated – they are truly amazing and the changes can be felt immediately! Change starts happening at a rapid pace…. and your life only continues to get better and better and better.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Michelle as a life coach for you. She can help transform your reality to actually be the ‘life of your dreams!’

Geeta Powani

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