Cleanse & Rebalance Your Body, Mind & Soul Meditation


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This spiritual cleansing meditation will allow you to connect with your divine guides and cleanse any lower vibrational energy from your mind, body, soul and life. Through this guided visualisation you will allow yourself to create a deep connect with your spiritual self to undergo cellular healing and bring vitality to your organs, glands, meridians and chakras.
By cleansing our organs, glands, meridians and chakras we give our physical body the chance to release any toxins and clear all negative energies so we can allow healing to take place.

Recording by Melissa Scott from Equinox Life Coaching

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I can’t recommend Michelle highly enough. She’s an incredible listener, is empathetic, encouraging and really takes you to places within yourself that you didn’t know were there. Michelle told me at the start of our journey that all the answers lay within me, I just needed to make the time to look deeply enough to find them. Life coaching gave me that opportunity and I am now committed to making time to look after myself and focus on fulfilling my needs, so that I can be the best possible me, for me and those I love.

Kay Joyce

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