Business Workshops and Speaking

What Do the Most Successful People in the World Do?

They Hire a ‘Coach’

If you’re a busy Business Owner, Professional, or Leader of an Organisation, you’re in the right place.

Michelle Bowater is the ‘Go To’ person for high performance coaching for individuals, business owners, managers and staff. She works with clients to powerfully help them transform their career, business and success, and is one of the key industry leaders in her field.

We live in a fast paced world, and this includes business. Technology and new markets have changed the traditional way we’ve done business over the last 5 – 10 years.  This means you need to keep up or be left behind. Whether you are an individual or the owner or manager of a business or organisation, finding an edge to keep ahead, is critically important to your success now and in the future.

What Does This Mean?

Your business needs you at your best

What does a lack of focus, direction and planning for your career and/or business cost you?  Is it time to make changes and get clear on what you want?

High Performance Coaching assists you to balance your professional and personal life, manage your time, develop new passion for your career or business, increase confidence to aim higher, and step out of your comfort zone.

This helps to provide clarity, self-reliance, focus, faster professional success and greater productivity, so you’re excited about the future and what lies ahead.

How Can We Help?

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One on one coaching with individuals

As part of a regular coaching and development program for success.

Company workshops

Customised practical training workshops ideal for small businesses to large corporates.  Each session is designed to be structured, informative and fun.  Every participant walks away with tools or resources to put into practice immediately to benefit your business.

Business Speaker Series

Regular workshops and seminars for staff on a range of key topics to upskill your team. This may be monthly or bi-monthly and is an ideal way to support employees so they feel valued, learn new skills, and is a cost effective approach to make it accessible for most companies.  A combination of workshops and follow up coaching is a popular option for both staff and management.

Topics include:

  • Reduce stress, manage time to increase performance
  • Managing teams to increase productivity and engagement
  • Building trust and credibility to win more sales
  • Balance the 8 key life areas
  • Confidence in career and personal life
  • Mindset secrets of the ultra successful
  • Practical strategies for peak performance at work
  • Many more topics available on request, please click here contact us

I’ve Taken My Business To Another Level!

When I met Michelle, I needed help with my mindset, relationship and business and was stressed and suffering from depression. With her help we worked through each area of my life one session at a time, and I have accomplished almost everything I set out to achieve. I have successfully left a workplace that did not serve me and I’ve taken my business to another level. I am extremely happy with the outcome of this as it allows more work life balance and freedom to run my business in the way I choose.

I feel completely in control of my life now and am living my best life – a life free from fear, stress and depression. I am the happiest I have been in so long and I am so thankful for everything Michelle has done to help me. Since working with Michelle, I have achieved so much and transformed my life. I would recommend this to everyone. Thank you Michelle!

 Kayla Anderson, Health & Wellness Coach

Equip, Empower And Inspire Your Team To Achieve Success! 

If you’re ready to get better results call Michelle on 020 4129 4470 or click here.