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Life Coach
Michelle Bowater is a dynamic high performance coach, life coach and speaker who is one of the leaders in her field.   She is passionate about helping people achieve great levels of success both in business and life, and has developed unique ways to make this happen for clients!

Why is Michelle different?

Because she understands what it takes to be successful and has the skill of bringing out the best in people.  Helping them transform themselves and transform their career or business.

Michelle uses researched based, scientific and proven methods to work with clients and has developed a dynamic 4 step system to get results.   Her proven approach and practical strategies enable her clients to fast track results, increase confidence and motivation, achieve great success, and life becomes exciting, fulfilling and next level….!

Michelle uses a combination of life coaching, and business performance coaching to work with those who want more from life.  Those who are tired of being average, and want life to be fun and exceptional.

She works with individuals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporates, and  organisations through a combination of one on one coaching, staff performance coaching, speaking and workshops.  She also specialises in working with women in business and is sought after for her down to earth style, approach and impressive results.

Michelle is a catalyst who changes people’s lives for the better

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