How To Choose A Life Coach

How To Choose A Life Coach You Love

For most people who aren’t in the coaching industry (which is the majority of people reading this!), choosing the right coach can be tough. To make it even more confusing, life coaches might have titles such as, wellness coach, executive coach, leadership coach, holistic coach relationship coach or business coach. Read our hot tips for how to choose a life coach you love and who gets you the results.
How To Choose A Life Coach

When you hire a coach you are paying for the results they will help you achieve. Consequently, this needs to be at the forefront of your mind when researching coaches for you. Keeping ask yourself this questions – “Will they be able to help me get the results I’m looking for?”

Your coach isn’t there to give you all the answers. However they need to be able explore the challenges with you and draw the solutions from you.

Systems and experience

Get a sense of their ‘energy’. Every coach has a different style, different training and different experience. It’s important to find out whether the coaches you’re considering, have training and experience that will help you. For example, we I became a coach I did over 200 hours of training on a system that is scientific, research based and proven to work. Through thousands of hours of coaching clients, I have constantly refined and tweaked this system to get the fastest results possible.

Be sure to ask who they work with and how they help. Your coach should be able to share their system clearly so you understand exactly what they do.

Make sure you feel 100% comfortable that the methods used will take you to where you want to be.

Characteristics of a great coach

Different perspective

Our thinking and perspective creates our reality. You’re hiring a coach to see and do things in a new way to get different results. Therefore your coach should have a different perspective from you and guide you to a new way of thinking, believing and behaving.

Has coaching themselves

One of the best decisions of my life and professional career was to hire a coach. The experience taught me first hand the transformation power of coaching and mentoring. With an amazing coach guiding me I took back control over my career, life and happiness. Rather than being the victim (everything happening to me), I became responsible for my life and what I had created. If I created it, I could change it. I just had to make the decision and take action. And that’s exactly what I did.

Action oriented

We can have all the coaching, read books and get training but if we don’t take action nothing changes. Your coach needs to help you set specific and measurable goals. A staged action plan should be developed for what you need to do and how you’re get there.


Your coach should feel responsible for your success. You should be able to trust them to follow up and ensure you are progressing towards the goals you’ve set together.


People usually hire a coach because they want to make faster progress. A great coach will balance making you feel comfortable (so you can open up and be honest) and challenging you. Your coach should push you to step outside your comfort zone and do something different because this is where the magic results happen!

Great listener

You hire a coach for you. Only someone who is willing to actively listen to you can truly understand what you need and how to guide you there.

Optimistic outlook

Your coach must believe in you, especially when you don’t. You are capable of incredible things and your coach won’t be able to get you to your full potential if they don’t believe in you.


Meeting with a potential coach  

Many coaches offer a free intro session. Use this time to find out as much as you can about their system and experience. Be aware of their communication style, their approach, how you feel when talking with them and what answers they are drawing from you. Are they helping you define your goals and identify the challenges? Are they helping you to breakthrough those challenges to achieve your goals?

It’s absolutely essential that you are ready and open to feedback from your coach. Feedback is how we improve. You also need to trust your coach and be comfortable to be completely honest with him or her.

It’s up to you! 

Finding a coach you love takes time and effort. But it’s worth your investment because of the results they can help you achieve! The right coach can, not only help you reach your biggest dreams and goals in business and life, but exceed them as well. When you consider it from that perspective, isn’t finding the best coach for you the least you can do for yourself and your business?

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