Create a morning routine

Create A Morning Routine & Stick To It

Motivation is what gets you started, habits are what keep you going… here’s how to create a morning routine and stick to it!

When the alarm goes off in the morning, most of us roll over and hit snooze a bunch of times, while thinking AHHHHH I don’t want to get up!

Then when we finally get up, we turn on the news which fills our mind with what a horrible place this world is, while eating a breakfast from a box that makes us tired in 2 hours because of all that sugar.

We set off for our day with a mind that’s filled with thoughts of not wanting to get up and enter this nasty world we live in. Talk about negative!!

THOUGHTS create your reality.

If you’re starting your day in this frame of mind, you are setting yourself up for a SHIT day!

Create a morning routine that works for YOU. There is no ‘one size fits all’.

Start listening to how your body reacts to different things you try. 

Here’s my morning routine that sets me up for success every day.

Most of us don’t drink enough water and if you’re like me, when you do, it goes straight through! If that’s the case add 1/8 teaspoon organic Himalayan pink salt to every 500ml of water you drink so your body can actually absorb and use the water.

First up in the morning I get up and have a hot cup of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

Then I’m out the door for some sort of exercise that I ENJOY (pssst this is the key to sticking with it – you MUST enjoy it). For me, it’s down on the beach walking or jogging for about 30  minutes, sometimes surfing. Getting my feet in the sand totally changes the way I feel.

When I’m back I stretch it out for 10 – 20 minutes doing basic yoga at home.

Working most of the day at my desk I find my shoulders and back get quite tense. So I have Bakballs which are 2 balls joined that you run up and down your spine. I massage each morning to release tension and it feels AMAZING!

I eat a breakkie that is delicious, healthy and feeds my body what it needs. This is a learning process of listening to the reactions from your body after each time you eat. For me, it’s a green smoothie. Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a whirl:

1x banana
1x kiwi fruit
1x lemon
1x handful of leafy green – spinach, lettuce, silver beet – you get the idea
3 inches cucumber
1x handful sunflower seeds
1x handful pepitas
1 inch ginger
400ml water

Put everything in a blender and whiz it up until smooth. If there’s too much of a veggie taste just add another piece of fruit to balance it. Drink and feel amazing! Serves 2.

Try and few of these and see what works best for YOU. If you’re not quite sure how to create a morning routine, we offer a complementary 15 minute Discovery Call to see how we can help. Call us on 020 4129 4470 or click here to email us.

Love Mich x

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