How to reduce stress

How To Reduce Stress This Silly Season!

Christmas is upon us, YAY I love the holidays. But if you’re anything like me your life is busy enough. Then all the extra demands of Christmas get piled up on top. Here are three techniques on how to reduce stress and keep yourself sane this year…

Practice saying ‘no’

Many of us can’t say no without feeling guilty or we feel we need to explain ourselves. This equals more stress and overwhelm as the ‘to do’ list grows and grows and grows.

When something isn’t a high priority, practice saying ‘no’… just ‘no’. There’s no need for an explanation or sharing a reason why you can’t. You simply say ‘no’ and that’s it.

The more you practice the shorter your ‘to do’ list becomes and the more time you have to enjoy the holidays…

Don’t sweat the small stuff 

Life is to be enjoyed, right? Consciously choose to have fun and enjoy every moment because 1 million people didn’t wake up today and you did.

Like water off a ducks back, if someone doesn’t wipe the kitchen bench down or they say something that pisses you off, choose to let it go. You’re only creating stress for you. When you’re 80 or 90 years old do you really think you’ll care about that? I think not!

Remember to have fun and enjoy quality family time! 


Our mind is zinging around all day with a million things to do, places to be and people to see. Then we keep the mind hyperactive looking at screens all evening until bed time.

Before hitting the hay we need to slow our brain waves down ready for sleep, and meditation is the perfect way to do that.  If you have difficulty switching off, pop on a guided meditation to reduce stress and relax your mind.

Get silly and enjoy the season!

If the stress, overwhelm and frustration gets a little too much contact us for personalised guidance and direction on how to reduce stress.

Love Mich x

P.S. I hope this answered your question – how to reduce stress!

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