How to find your purpose-Michelle Bowater

One Step To Find Your Purpose…

We often get so hung up on finding our life purpose. In our mind it’s this great big, amazing thing that we don’t have yet. We overthink it and create it as an issue for ourselves… within mind. We say things to ourselves like, “I want to do something I love every day. I would be much happier if I only could find my purpose, but I just don’t know what to do.” Or, we ask questions like, “What did I came to earth to do? To be? To have?” When we think about it in this way and ask these types of questions, what they are really saying is, “What can I do with my time that’s meaningful and that makes me feel good about myself and my life?”

          So, here it is…

All you need to do to find your purpose is… listen to your heart and follow your passions. Do what you love in a way that’s contributing to others and enhancing their lives. It’s all about serving others and contributing to the world in which we live.

Start to ask yourself questions such as:

  • “How can I serve others today?”
  • “What will I do today that will bring me happiness?”
  • “What passion will I follow today?”
  • “When I’m 90 years old, what do I want to see, hear and feel about my life?”
  • “How will I follow my heart today?”

When we ask these types of questions, we do two things…

Firstly, we are in a much more resourceful state where our vibration is higher. Through the Law of Attraction when we’re in a higher vibration we attract more of what we desire. And it comes to us much more easily.

Secondly, we begin to train our unconscious mind to go looking for these things. When our unconscious mind is on our side and working with us, as a team, things just literally show up in our reality.

We don’t just have one purpose. It’s not this one thing that we search and search for and then when we finally find it, we do it forever. Throughout different stages of our lives our life purpose changes. As human beings we are changing on a moment to moment basis so our purpose can’t possibly stay the same throughout our whole life.

In my twenties my purpose was to learn, travel and explore the world which I absolutely loved! I still love to travel but right now my purpose is to be grounded in one place and develop my life coaching business. Who knows, in five or ten years my purpose may be living on the road and travelling again.  Whatever I’m doing, I will be doing it because I’m passionate about it and it makes me good about myself and my life.

Essentially, I’m asking you to let go of this grand picture you might have of what your life purpose might be. Just roll with the seasons of your life and go out and do what you love, do things you are passionate about and serve others. It’s as easy as that!

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Love Mich x 

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