Ultimate Game Changer!

Michelle as your ultimate side kick will guide you to transform your reality in all areas of life, health, wealth, relationships, career and spirituality!

  • Release negative emotions – the biggies are fear, anger, hurt, guilt and sadness.
  • Remove past blocks, excuses, limiting decisions and conflicting values.
  • Completely eliminate unwanted behaviours.
  • Reprogram your unconscious mind to align with your conscious mind.
  • Propel you toward your dream life faster than you could have ever imagined!

Reignite The Passion

Have you and your partner stopped communicating, stopped being intimate, stopped enjoying each other's company? If you value your relationship and want to reignite the passion this is for you!

  • Discover how to communicate clearly and easily in your partners love language.
  • Learn to trust and support each other again.
  • Rekindle that passion you had when you first met and fell in love.
  • Take your relationship to the next level.

Accelerated Weight Loss

Have you been yo-yo dieting, losing weight and putting it back on (or more), emotional eating, self-sabotaging? Have you tried everything and are still going back to old habits and repeating the same patterns? You are not alone...

  • Discover what programming you have at the unconscious level that drives your behaviour.
  • Release negative programs, blocks, limitations and restrictions.
  • Reprogram your unconscious mind and recreate your health exactly how you want it to be.
  • Learn how to really love your body and all it’s amazingness!

Personal Transformation

Want to change your life but have no idea where to start? Have you tried changing but keep going back to old habits? This is your opportunity to dip your toe in the water and see if extreme breakthrough life coaching is for you...

  • Acknowledge where you are now and begin designing and recreating your future.
  • Discover and release negative emotions and limiting decisions at the unconscious level that have been dictating the way you live your whole life.
  • Transform your thoughts and behaviours and start living the life you know you deserve!

Why Invest In You?

Because YOU ARE WORTH IT beautiful...

So often I see clients who don’t believe they are worthy of their dreams. The truth is we ALL deserve to live a life we truly love.

Life coaching is that bridge between where you are now and where you REALLY want to be. It’s quickly becoming one of the leading tools that highly successful people use to live extraordinary lives!

If you have ever limited yourself by procrastinating, sabotaging, feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed then coaching can help remove those emotional blocks faster than you can imagine.

Through regular coaching you will learn powerful techniques to transform your limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours so you can start producing the results you want.

"The most important investment you can make is in yourself".

- Warren Buffett

P.S. I work with people all over the world and do coaching in person, over the phone or on Skype.

P.P.S. Life coaching may be tax deductible so check this out with your Accountant.

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 I stopped working so hard and started spending every weeknight with my daughter. 

At a point where life’s workload was becoming overwhelming, Michelle was able to bring clarity and insight to where I was spending unnecessary time and energy and gave guidance on creating the lifestyle I was wanting. These processes allowed for new motivation and foresight to how I wanted my life to be and allowed for personal blockages to surface and heal. The entire process was life changing!

Melissa Gardner, Founder & Owner Meluka Design

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We guide women to transform their limitations so they can start living their dreams... We're ready if you are...