Hi, I'm Michelle Bowater

I’m a Speaker, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner working with professional and business women who are stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated with doing everything for everyone else.
Through my easy 4 step process we get fast results like creating 30 minutes for yourself every week, going full time in your business, losing weight or falling in love with your partner again.
Because clients get results they feel motivated and confident and life becomes exciting and fulfiling again!
I’m on a mission to guide you to do exactly the same thing.

I've been where you are now...

My previous life involved rushing around at a million miles per hour, multi-tasking wherever possible to fit everything in.

I suffered from insomnia so I was absolutely exhausted, just making it through each day and doing everything for everyone else while I forgot myself in the process.

I wasn’t passionate about my work so every Sunday night I would dread the week ahead as I had to live up to others expectations and be someone I wasn’t.

As I got older I realised I wanted a more fulfilling life, not out there someday but now, everyday. BUT that inner critic was loud and clear, telling me I wasn’t good enough and making the worry of others opinions very real.

Fear of judgement and failure kept me stuck.

Feeling frustrated as I watched others achieving what I wanted, I just didn’t know what to do to get there.

I was really successful in my life but the unhappiness in my career overflowed in to all other areas as I slowly became more and more unhappy.  I totally lost who I was.

At rock bottom, I would wake up every day dreading my life. I knew I didn’t want that forever. The pain finally got too much and I took ACTION, got support and gained control over my career, life and happiness.

Michelle Bowater Success Life Coach

Fast track to today and my life is the total opposite!

I wake up every day energised, excited and grateful to be alive. I left the corporate life behind and created a business that totally lights me up.

I live in a place where I want to spend my spare time.

I have a family I adore and meaningful connections with friends I love. Plus a healthy body and mind.

Feeling proud of what I’ve already created and confident that I’ll continue to live a life bursting with fulfillment, purpose and happiness.

That’s not to say to don’t have off days… because we all do! I like to live by the 80 / 20 rule in all areas. If I can wake up 80% (or more) of the time feeling physically and mentally amazing then I’m winning!

And because I now have the tools to get back on track as soon as, I can get through the challenges, big or small, with ease and grace.

Now I’m sharing that with you!

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